Building Retrofit

Building Retrofit Renewable Energy Solutions

Maximize building energy savings with renewable energy solutions.

California Solar Mandate

You can significantly cut site energy costs — and even boost revenue — by retrofitting your building with new energy systems.

Why Retrofit Your Building With Renewable Energy Solutions?

Over 75% of California’s existing homes and commercial buildings were built prior to the development of the 1978 Building Energy Efficiency Standards. These outdated structures offer a significant opportunity for building owners to:

  • Reduce or optimize energy use
  • Save money on utility bills
  • Increase property value
  • Meet environmental goals

Retrofit Your Building With Renewables With Cal Solar Inc.
Cal Solar Inc. has completed 500+ successful renewable energy projects and are leaders in retrofitting multifamily housing units, offices, hospitality, medical facilities, and C&I with renewable solutions. We have helped building owners and facility managers save money on utility bills, increase the value of their buildings, and reach their environmental goals.


Site Analysis

Our experienced team will use advanced modeling software to conduct an energy analysis of your property and identify the ideal size and location of your energy project. solar project. Project optimization can be based on energy cost reduction, load shifting, backup power, and more.


Project Design & Engineering

We work with developers and architects to provide design-assist and counsel in the schematic design phase, based on client needs, project site parameters, and cost optimization.



Cal Solar has an in-house construction team to take projects from design to completion. We kick off each project with a meeting of all stakeholders, including project managers, superintendents, and partners from other trades.



Once final inspection is complete and the utility has granted permission to operate, we energize and commission the system for long-term reliability. This process includes on-site training and management of staff for safety and maintenance.

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