Energy Storage & Microgrids

Energy Storage & Microgrid Solutions

Reduce demand charges, maximize self-consumption, and create energy resiliency.

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Battery energy storage is an increasingly popular energy solution for reducing commercial demand charges and other utility bill costs. Energy storage systems can also be paired with solar systems to store the produced solar energy for use when the sun isn’t shining or to shift demand to periods when electricity rates are lower.

Microgrids, which are typically made up of diesel or renewable generation paired with battery energy storage, can also provide vital backup power during grid outages.

Why Energy Storage & Microgrids?

By investing in battery energy storage, you can significantly reduce peak demand costs by storing energy when utility electricity prices are low and discharging your battery when prices are high. What’s more, if you generate renewable energy on site, you can also store any excess energy to use at a later time, thus maximizing the value of your system.

Microgrids function separately from the utility grid, so they can provide your facility with critical backup power when the grid goes down. By investing in a microgrid solution, you can have the peace of mind that your facility operations will continue uninterrupted, no matter what.

We work with clients to maximize the value of energy storage and microgrid solutions:

  • Reduce demand charges and other utility costs
  • Maximize onsite solar production
  • Obtain reliable backup power

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