New Construction & Code Compliance

Optimize your new building’s energy operations and obtain solar code compliance.

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California Multifamily Solar

Here at Cal Solar Inc., we know construction. We know what it takes to get your renewable energy project from the early planning stages to occupancy in a timely, efficient way. With our in-house engineers and suite of design, permitting, and construction services, we have forged deep relationships with industry stakeholders and developed streamlined processes for getting your project up and running. Don’t worry about details like California’s new building codes – we’ve got you covered.

Achieve Code Compliance

California’s new solar mandate (AB 178) requires all newly constructed single-family residences and multi-family residences up to three stories to use a solar photovoltaic (PV) system as an onsite electricity source. The code, which took effect on January, 1, 2020, aligns with the state’s ambitious renewable energy goals.

California’s building and energy codes change frequently, and many cities throughout the state have also established their own unique mandatory solar or energy requirements. Leveraging our technical expertise and statewide experience, we ensure that our clients achieve current and future compliance with all relevant solar and energy requirements.

Comprehensive New Construction Solar Services

Cal Solar Inc. has completed 500+ successful renewable energy projects across the state and is intimately familiar with the development and construction process for every building type.

Our Process (move up)



Building Entitlement & Planning

Cal Solar works directly with developers and architects during early-stage building planning and design. Our team can provide design-assist support and counsel on an uncontracted basis to ensure that buildings are ready to integrate solar, storage, and other innovative energy technologies.


Project Engineering & Permitting

We offer the option of design-only services to enable timely permitting and supply chain preparation to avoid delays during the construction process. In addition to solar, this is also a great opportunity to incorporate electric vehicle (EV) charging, energy storage, and other resiliency measures into a building’s energy plan.



Cal Solar has an in-house construction team to take projects from design to completion. We kick off each project with a meeting of all stakeholders, including project managers, superintendents, and partners from other trades.



Once final inspection is complete and the utility has granted permission to operate, we energize and commission the system for long-term reliability. This process includes on-site training and management of staff for safety and maintenance.


Are you a general contractor looking for an energy design-build partner?

Cal Solar has extensive experience working with major general contractors to provide engineering and construction contracting. We take the same care as we would with our own projects to ensure that all stakeholders are up to date and budget goals are achieved. Plus, our unique clean energy financing relationships can sometimes help alleviate pressure from capital budgets.