Solar PV

Solar Energy Solutions

Save on electricity costs and prepare for Title 24 California Solar Mandate requirements.

California New Construction Solar Mandate

Solar energy is an increasingly popular energy solution for businesses and rooftop, as it boasts both financial and environmental benefits. What’s more, solar systems will soon be included in Title 24 California Solar Mandate building code requirements in cities and counties across the state.

Cal Solar Inc. offers a wide range of canopy, ground mount, and solar solutions that can be customized to meet your property’s needs. Our team’s deep experience in California solar PV design, construction, and maintenance ensures high quality solar systems that comply with state and local codes and regulations.

Why Go Solar?

By generating solar energy on site, you can save on your utility bill by reducing the amount of electricity that you consume from the electricity grid.

At Cal Solar Inc., we help our clients maximize the benefits that solar has to offer:

    • Save on electricity costs
    • Hedge rising utility rates
    • Increase your property value
    • Reduce GHG emissions and meet sustainability goals
    • Achieve Title 24 California Solar Mandate code compliance
    • Create new revenue streams
    • Bill Tenants to increase NOI
    • Receive fixed, long-term, annual solar payments
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