Cal Solar Inc. Partners With HACLA to Promote Hiring of Local YouthBuild Crews

February 27, 2023

California Solar Integrators, Inc. (Cal Solar Inc.) has partnered with the Housing Authority of the City of Los Angeles (HACLA) to support the hiring of local Section 3 workers on Related Development’s Rose Hill Courts affordable housing redevelopment project in northeast Los Angeles. The project, which will be developed in two phases, will have 330kW of solar PV on the roof to promote sustainability for its 185 new units aimed at housing extremely, very low, and low-income families.

In their redevelopment efforts, HACLA aims to revitalize entire communities. In partnership with Cal Solar Inc., 10 members of PVJobs’ local workforce were hired onsite to perform work at the Rose Hill Courts job site. These participants were all members of the PVJobs Youthbuild program, which aims to assist low-income youth ages 16-24 with educational assistance and skills to prepare them to become self-sufficient.

When asked why they were involved in the program, one participant shared:

“I got involved in this program to start my career in construction. I just had a child and want to be able to support my family with steady income from a good job despite my record.”

While filling out their employment applications assisted by HACLA, PVJobs and Cal Solar Inc. staff, participants shared hopeful remarks about what this opportunity could bring them. “I hope this program allows me to progress through a career in construction and provides stability for my family”. Another participant shared, “I hope this program will give me experience in the industry that I can take to other jobs in the future.”  All of these are welcome sentiments to Cal Solar Inc.’s CEO Sean Neman, who expressed “our industry is in desperate need to fill the jobs that will help California achieve its energy and environmental goals, programs and efforts like this are essential, whether it’s viewed from the state, company, or individual perspective. We are honored to be a part of it”.

Cal Solar Inc. is excited to empower communities by employing members of the local workforce and plans to continue this partnership with HACLA on as many future projects as possible.


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